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Dr. Sweta Rai

Dr. Sweta Rai, MD is a board-certified Dermatologist, specializes in medical, surgical, laser and cosmetic dermatology.

Prior to this role, Dr. Rai has contributed almost one decade of her life serving the nation as a medical practioner at both private and government sectors. Due to her passion and hard work she was granted a prestigious full-scholarship from People's Republic of China to pursue her Master degree program. Dr. Rai holds a Master's Degree in dermatology, laser and cosmetology from Sun yat-sen University, China in 2015.

Through her 4 year practice as a Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Rai oversaw ample of clinical disfiguring skin diseases. Her meticulous one-on-one consultation and commitment to quality restoration brings her expertise in the field of non-surgical minimally invasive aesthetic procedures and the very latest treatments to patients seeking solutions for aesthetic concerns of acne, scars, melasma, stretch-marks, anti-ageing, hair restoration and laser resurfacing. Her state-of-the-art of safe and the latest diagnostic and aesthetic technologies of anti-ageing strategies, stimulating collagen factors with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), fibroblast has renewed volume, elasticity, pigmentation corrections, body contouring and tightening to produce superior outcomes, greatly reduces the downtime for patients.

To ensure that the practice remains at the leading edge, Dr Rai has been actively participating and updating at different workshops and seminars held in different countries. Her motive in learning is never easy but if you learn it smartly, you can beat anything. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and spending some quality time with her family and friends.

Dr. Prakriti Gyawali

Dr. Prakriti Gyawali is a Board Certified Dermatologist, who has been working as a Consultant Dermatologist for the past five years. She graduated from Xian Jiaotong University, China in 2014 where she completed her Master's Degree in Dermatology & Laser surgery. She pursued her further Fellowship Degree in Cosmetic Dermatology from India. She has contributed in both Private & Government sector, hence she possesses an in depth knowledge of wide range of skin diseases.

Dr Prakriti is an expert in managing Acne, Melasma & non invasive anti-ageing strategies. She has an artistic eyes & sharp hands therefore she provides the results you seek for. Ageing is inevitable, but Dr Prakriti’s non-surgical anti-ageing treatments can help you delay the ageing process if not arrest them. She updates herself with the latest in dermatology. She has participated in different workshops & seminars in Dubai, Indonesia, China & India.

Moreover, Dr Prakriti’s passion doesn’t stop here. She has been working as a Reviewer of Journal of American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD), a very prestigious journal in dermatology. She stays abreast of advancements in treatments, technologies & products. She has been praised for her interpersonal skills & her effort in educating her society at different level.

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